Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm smitten

Hello fellow blog snoopers. IF you’re reading this, you must still be snooping my blog! Thanks! :)

My blogging has been on hiatus for absolutely no good reason. When I started blogging, it was mostly because I LOVED reading everyone else’s blog so much. Never in a million years did I realize how much work actually went into each post…SHEESH. So to all you bloggers out there who blog regularly…KUDOS to you.

If you took a look at my blog roll, about 75% of my subscriptions are to food blogs. I usually browse through my subscriptions before I get out of bed each morning. On my way to work*, I re-read any posts that perk my interest and tag them if I plan to make the recipe sometime in the near future. Then by the time I get to work and before my computer is even powered up my stomach is roaring like THUNDER. I immediately eat anything I can find to make the noises stop...thus my expanding waistline!

Anywho, last week a post from Smitten Kitchen caught my eye. It was for vanilla pudding. I’m not really a fan of pudding and usually don’t like things that are too vanilla flavored…but for some reason I wanted to give it a try and I’m sure glad I did. It was DELICIOUS! :) Smitten Kitchen is a bonafide home cook and blogging superstar. She’s ambitious with the recipes she’ll try and after reading a few of her posts you’ll be pretty smitten with her…trust me!

Check out a picture of Smitten Kitchen’s (SK) vanilla pudding...

 and here’s my version. Fancy huh?!

A few tips if you’re going to try this recipe:

- SK suggests you put the vanilla bean in the simmering milk if you want a more intense vanilla flavor. I say…make it a requirement. The extra vanilla kick isn’t overwhelming but its definitely life changing! AND vanilla bean is freaking expensive ($6 for 1 stick at Whole Foods) so get your money’s worth and don’t waste ANY of it!

- Don’t take your eyes off the simmering milk. I turned my back for one millisecond and before I knew it my precious (and expensive) vanilla milk was bubbling over! It was a serious tragedy but I only lost about ¼ of cup of milk so not all was lost.

- Eat it that same day. With each day that passed, it was less delicious than the day before (sad face).

Blog snooper signing out. I promise to be back soon!

*I’m a responsible blog snooper…I only read posts while I’m waiting at a red light…I promise