Wednesday, June 30, 2010

not a lame GIVEAWAY

Hi folks...

Blogsnooper here checking in to start her very first not-lame GIVEAWAY!
As I mentioned earlier, I’m giving away 2 terrariums!

Aren’t they so cute?! The one on the left is named Min (b/c its sort of prickly looking and Min sort of has a prickly personality) and the one on the right is named Janice (b/c its beautiful and perfect and Janice is sort of beautiful and perfect)! :) hehe…j/k.

I named them Min and Janice because Easter Ahn Lee names her Jewelry after people she I copied her and named one Min (my favorite person) and since Min and I come in a pair…I named the other one Janice!!!

Now onto the important details: To enter, answer the following question correctly in the comments section of this blog: What is the name of the blog I read that inspired me to make a terrarium in the first place?

Make sure to indicate which terrarium you would prefer: Min or Janice. If both winners choose the same terrarium…I will give the winners the one I feel like giving them regardless of their preference. hmmm…maybe I’m the one with the prickly personality! Oh well.

Of the respondents that answer correctly, I will draw your names out of a hat! Please read rules and disclaimers below!

Blogsnooper rules and disclaimers:
1. I will not ship these terrariums, so either I need to be able to get to you or you need to figure out a way to get to me.
2. If they die, sorry.

3. If they live, please tell me how you kept them alive…b/c mine always seem to die.
4. Enjoy them…or else! OR else, I will ban you from reading my blog.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Did that catch your attention? :) Blogs often host contests and giveaways as a way to attract scavenger blog readers…like me! I’m such a sucker for contests and giveaways on blogs. If you’ve ever heard of thepioneerwoman, she’s gives away some serious loot (Kitchenaid Mixers, LeCreuset Pots and Digital SLR's). I enter every time and am honestly disappointed when I don’t win…even though there are usually over 20,000 readers that enter.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are blogs that have contests and giveaways that are seriously lame! I was a recent recipient of a really really really lame prize. The OC Weekly has a restaurant blog called ‘stick a fork in it’ and about once a week they have contest called ‘guess where I ate'. The blogger takes a picture of his meal and the first person to guess where he’s eating wins a prize. I was THRILLED when I found out that I had won last week contest! He was eating a Papa’s portabella mushroom burger at the Veggie Grill. I eat there all the time...mostly because I secretly wish I could be a vegetarian. Unfortunately, I love meat and don’t feel bad eating animals…but let’s save that for another blog post.

Anywho, I get an email requesting my name/address and informing me that I can expect my prize in the mail. It arrives! I rip open the envelope, expecting a gift certificate to a restaurant..but which one!!! Honestly, I would have been thrilled with any sort of restaurant gift certificate…McDonald’s, In-n-out, chick-fil-a, Maggiano’s, Maestro’s! yumm!

Instead…lucky me wins 2 guest passes to the Orange County Museum. Wha?! This is a food blog, with a food contest and what do I win? Museum tickets! I have to admit, I was disappointed to the max.

I, on the other hand, will NOT disappoint my readers with a lame giveaway! :) So I’m giving away 2 succulent terrariums!!! It’s part of my terrarium makeover, so hold tight…contest will begin Wednesday morning. And if you're REALLY lucky... your terrarium will include 2 free guest passes to the OC Museum of Art!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I’ve noticed that a quick way to rise up to blog stardom is to blog about something REALLY controversial!

Controversial posts spread like wildfire in the blogging community and can catapult you into the upper echelons of blog royalty!!

Case #1:

She started out just like you and me. Blogging about life, which in her case was about how severely she hated her job and people she worked with. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Well…turns out, her lack of filtering any sort of thought or opinion made her really interesting. Maybe a little too interesting, her blog started to spread amongst family, friends, strangers and unfortunately to co-workers.

As a result, she was fired from her job. Now, she’s a famous blogger and coined the word dooced.

She continues to be controversial which remains a large part of her appeal.

Case #2: I am Baker

Rainbow pancakes. Yup…you heard me right…this blogger became controversial over rainbow pancakes. I’ve linked her blog before (much of my cake making inspiration came from her), she’s talented and eventually would become really popular...I'm sure. However, she got a HUGE boost into stardom over these pancakes. Some praised her for her creativity while others accused her for poisoning her kids with artificial colors and flavors!

Point is…I plan on being controversial! Not sure exactly how…it’s just a matter of time.

Maybe I’ll post my family’s famous recipe for puppy stew. =)

But I may need a bigger pot for that!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One tiny little distraction…

Long long time ago, when I first started to blog =) … the web was my oyster. All I wanted to do was blog all day long and continue to be a serial blog snooper!

Then a tiny little distraction crept up on me and made blogging just an afterthought! Yikes!

Let me introduce to you my new niece Megan!

Because of her…my web browsing has been limited to googling the best diaper bags, strollers, crib sheets, pacifiers, and anything to do with babies! Luckily my sister has benefited because I bestow all of my newfound knowledge onto her. She LOVES when I give her baby advice, especially since I don’t have a baby!

I read Megan a few blog entries and she LOVED them! Then I told her that I haven’t been blogging much lately b/c of her and she wasn’t too happy!

So let the blogging frenzy continue! Onward Ho!