Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Did that catch your attention? :) Blogs often host contests and giveaways as a way to attract scavenger blog readers…like me! I’m such a sucker for contests and giveaways on blogs. If you’ve ever heard of thepioneerwoman, she’s gives away some serious loot (Kitchenaid Mixers, LeCreuset Pots and Digital SLR's). I enter every time and am honestly disappointed when I don’t win…even though there are usually over 20,000 readers that enter.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are blogs that have contests and giveaways that are seriously lame! I was a recent recipient of a really really really lame prize. The OC Weekly has a restaurant blog called ‘stick a fork in it’ and about once a week they have contest called ‘guess where I ate'. The blogger takes a picture of his meal and the first person to guess where he’s eating wins a prize. I was THRILLED when I found out that I had won last week contest! He was eating a Papa’s portabella mushroom burger at the Veggie Grill. I eat there all the time...mostly because I secretly wish I could be a vegetarian. Unfortunately, I love meat and don’t feel bad eating animals…but let’s save that for another blog post.

Anywho, I get an email requesting my name/address and informing me that I can expect my prize in the mail. It arrives! I rip open the envelope, expecting a gift certificate to a restaurant..but which one!!! Honestly, I would have been thrilled with any sort of restaurant gift certificate…McDonald’s, In-n-out, chick-fil-a, Maggiano’s, Maestro’s! yumm!

Instead…lucky me wins 2 guest passes to the Orange County Museum. Wha?! This is a food blog, with a food contest and what do I win? Museum tickets! I have to admit, I was disappointed to the max.

I, on the other hand, will NOT disappoint my readers with a lame giveaway! :) So I’m giving away 2 succulent terrariums!!! It’s part of my terrarium makeover, so hold tight…contest will begin Wednesday morning. And if you're REALLY lucky... your terrarium will include 2 free guest passes to the OC Museum of Art!


  1. Jan!! Can i get a gift for just being your friend???

  2. Ok I'm a sucker (and also a big terrarium fan and maker of simple ones- did u know?) so what do I have to do to win one?!