Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog struck

Hello loyal readers! :)
If you’ve read my past posts, you know that I’ve been pretty obsessed with cakes as of late.
I was doing a google image search, looking for cute cake ideas when I came across this cake:

Cute huh?!?

Well, this particular cake caught my eye b/c of the pattern of the bottom cake. It’s a calliope print designed by Jessica Jones. Jessica has a blog called howaboutorange.blogspot.com and it’s the FIRST blog that I subscribed to! Yes…my blogging obsession started with her cute design blog. Naturally, I emailed her as soon as I saw it and I was pleasantly surprised when she emailed me back. Ha…actually…I was ecstatic, seriously shocked, and jumping for joy! I know…I’m weird and I’m totally blog struck to the max!

I've pasted our email exchange below:
I wrote:

Hi Jessica.
I’ve been a long time subscriber and fan of your blog! :)
You may have already seen this, but I came across this really cute cake that used your calliope print!!
http://www.sugarcoatitstudio.com/ - Look under cakes -> geometrical!

Jessica replied:

EEEEK! Janice, that is so awesome! Haven't seen it before. Holy schmoly. I love it. Thank you!!!

Holy schmoly right back at ya Jess!


  1. Yay you finally started your blog. I will be a faithful reader :)

  2. cool cool cool!

  3. holy schmoly at you too...i snooped your blog for my blog entry. How do you like dem apples?